Thursday, October 30, 2014

                                                                  Cape Wrath

                                                        Torr Head
                                                   Ready to dive.
                                                 White Sided Dolphin

 Our contract to do a benthic study with MESL had us steam from Stromness to Oban where we picked up the MESL Surveyors and then carried on to Ballycastle( our operating base) where we completed the survey in 3 days.  Please follow the link.

The Advance showing it's amazing station keeping abilities at the Tidal Site.


                                            Pictures showing our work with Wello-Oy. 

The picture of the Lodesman was taken from Peter Shearer's Grob, while the team was busy with pipe line, SPM and jetty surveys, within Scapa Flow and the Eastern landfall part of the MOL. The work scope was completed successfully during April 2014.